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The kids had so much fun being cowboys. Once I put Ollie’s hat on, he couldn’t stop laughing. He thought it was so much fun. Guess that will have to be his winter hat, cause he refuses to put anything else on his head. The best part was that Ollie even walks like a cowboy that has been on his horse too long.

Since a lot of you have been asking, we have Grandpa Bill to thank for the shirts. I made the chaps, which was a shock that I figured out how to make chaps. And I stuffed their hats with computer padding so they would fit just right. haha. (believe me…we have plenty of computer padding to go around….so I find all kinds of good uses for it) And we borrowed Noah’s cool canteen from his good friend, Rusty.

noe said,

December 29, 2009 @ 9:45 pm

your kids look so adorable on these customes.

My son is turning one on january 16, 2010 and I’m looking for a custome just like this one. The theme of his party will be cowboys and I have been looking for something like this one. Where did you get them? If it’s not to much to ask. Do you still have them and are you by any chance selling them?

Please let me know, It would be very helpful

Thank you and Happy Holidays,


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