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Noah and the BANANA


Joe’s mom (the boys call her Amah) sent this story to us after they babysat the boys this week. I love it.

“While in Vancouver, I saw this cute pastry shaped like a banana, and it has big lettering: BANANA on it.  I bought a box of two for Noah and Ollie.

To let Noah practice his alphabet, I said, "Noah, what does it say?"

Noah ran his pointer through the letters, and read without hesitation, "not a hot dog".

(Joe took this picture by the way. Pretty great, huh?)

Ollie's First Birthday!

Ollie had a blast at his birthday party! His favorite parts were playing with balloons, eating Cocoa Puffs off of his cupcake, and hearing everyone sing happy birthday to him.

(By the way, there were lots of other kids there. We’re generally careful not to post pictures of other people’s children, out of respect for their privacy.)







Aisha & Scott's Wedding

We finally took our first trip into British Columbia, and luckily it was for a wonderful occasion–my cousin Aisha’s wedding. A lot of Cheng family members were able to make it, so it was basically a mini family reunion for us as well.

Aisha and Scott.

Apparently Noah found his train more interesting than the lifelong commitment Aisha and Scott were making to each other.


This was the closest we could get to a family photo.

Brothers. From left: Wei-Chih (9), Carl (5), Wei-Tih (4, my dad), Smiley (3, father of the bride). 


The cousins and their ladies. From left: Dagmar (1.1+), Mike (1.1), Joe (4.2), Amy (4.2+), Jon (4.1), Aarti, Adam (3.1), Natalie.

Me and Jon. (The downside of the beautiful sunny weather was massively overexposed backgrounds all day.)

Ollie and Mike.

Jon and Ollie.

Amy took this one. They line up for a picture… so she goes behind them. I love that.

My mom and Ollie.

Noah was a ridiculous dancing machine during the reception. We had to forcibly remove him, kicking and screaming, from the dance floor at 11PM.

San Francisco trip

Between Christmas and New Years, we took a trip to SF for a family friend’s wedding.

Ollie was unconscious for most of the reception.

We spent New Years’ Eve strolling around the city with our friend Sabrina, whom Noah got along great with.


Staying warm

Here we are huddled together for warmth during the multi-day blackout last week. (The dark blur next to Amy’s head is Noah.)

Grandma C and Noah at the beach

Goodnight, Moon

Joe’s mom taught Noah to do this at the part that goes “Goodnight to the old lady whispering ‘hush’…”