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Archive for May, 2007

Frog Face


Frog Fountain






Noah had the greatest time playing in this fountain at University Village. I (Amy) couldn’t believe he got so soaked. (Luckily I had an extra outfit for him) His usual behavior is to stand at a safe distance and laugh as the other foolish children get soaked. Not this time.

Drinking Fountain


Easter Hunt


Noah had a great time hunting for eggs with all his Onfolio/Microsoft buddies.

Fish Face

This shot speaks for itself.

Ollie's Best

Ollie has a fantastic laugh. Grandma Mary Ann came to visit, and she has a way of getting it out of him.  

Ollie's Worst

I just couldn’t resist. Ollie is a very happy baby, most of the time. But he definitely knows how to show it when he is upset.  Still pretty cute though, huh?

Playing with Daddy

This has become almost a daily activity when Joe comes home from work.  Joe gets a pretty good ab workout from it. 🙂

Aisha & Ollie