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Ollie is two!

Well…our baby is 2. We did not have a party this year (if you can believe that….yes, I have restraint). But I did make a cake and we had a very small celebration with Ollie’s friends, Rusty & Max.




Ollie loves frogs and turtles, so he got a frog cake and I splurged on the huge mylar turtle balloon. He loved it, but not as much as the goldfish, which was his ‘big’ gift.

_DSC0084 _DSC0085



We asked the boys what they wanted to name mr. fish. First, Noah suggested “Bakkak” (i have no explanation for that), next was “Trainsian”…interesting, then Noah adamantly suggested Nemo. Well…he actually ‘told’ us his name was Nemo. We argued and said he doesn’t even look like Nemo…well, Noah won. So, our fish has the incredibly ‘unique’ name of Nemo. Lovely. 🙂





Noah’s 3rd Birthday

OK, this is embarrassing—more than three months late with these pictures. Sorry!

Noah’s birthday was great. Noah loved his rocket cake, and all of the kids had a great time playing in the rocket Amy made (from the box for a new filing cabinet we happened to have delivered a couple of weeks earlier).





Ollie's First Birthday!

Ollie had a blast at his birthday party! His favorite parts were playing with balloons, eating Cocoa Puffs off of his cupcake, and hearing everyone sing happy birthday to him.

(By the way, there were lots of other kids there. We’re generally careful not to post pictures of other people’s children, out of respect for their privacy.)







Birthday Decorations

2006 = Year of the Dog.