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My April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day with a 4.5 and 6 year old is awesome. Sooo awesome. Although, after a while, I have to admit, I got a little tired finding toys in my beverages. Heh.

Captured by a snake?
Eaten by a bear?

I really can hardly stand their cuteness. It’s just overwhelming.

The dog trick.
The dog trick–Ollie’s turn.

And they had other tricks not captured by film/Iphone:

Ollie thought it was absolutely hilarious to place different objects in front of Joe’s office door. He didn’t even wait for Joe to come out, just the act of doing it was enough to entertain him. Seriously, he almost peed his pants laughing at his 4-year-old cleverness.

Noah thought he was pretty brilliant by switching things from my Joe’s night stand to mine and vice versa. He also did the same with our closets. Heh. Very cute.

I love my life so very, very much.

Kipper the Dog

A few months ago, Ollie discovered the Voice Memos app on Amy’s iPhone. Since then he’s recorded dozens of clips, but this was the best.

Listen: Noah Sings the Kipper Song

(Compare to the actual Kipper theme song.)

Other blog

So, we have decided to keep this blog 95% pictures. If you would like to know more details about the day to day life of Noah and Ollie, check out Amy’s blog at

Frog Fountain






Noah had the greatest time playing in this fountain at University Village. I (Amy) couldn’t believe he got so soaked. (Luckily I had an extra outfit for him) His usual behavior is to stand at a safe distance and laugh as the other foolish children get soaked. Not this time.

Fish Face

This shot speaks for itself.

Playing with Daddy

This has become almost a daily activity when Joe comes home from work.  Joe gets a pretty good ab workout from it. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Luminaries that Amy and her mom set up in our driveway.