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At Starbucks

The pictures in this post and the one below are from Amy’s birthday.






All Smiles

Honestly, it’s hard to get a picture of this guy where he’s not smiling.


Four more

…and that’s all for tonight. Sorry for the long delay, we’ll try to post more often.


Noah's 2nd Birthday

Sorry, we’ve been meaning to post these photos for the last month and a half!

San Francisco trip

Between Christmas and New Years, we took a trip to SF for a family friend’s wedding.

Ollie was unconscious for most of the reception.

We spent New Years’ Eve strolling around the city with our friend Sabrina, whom Noah got along great with.


Staying warm

Here we are huddled together for warmth during the multi-day blackout last week. (The dark blur next to Amy’s head is Noah.)

Amy and Noah

Amy and Oliver

You wouldn’t think that would be comfortable for him, but he seems to like it.

Amy and Ollie

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