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California trip

Yes, we’re way behind on updates! Our June/July have been action packed, thus the lack of new photos being posted. But don’t worry, we’ve been taking a ton of photos the last two months–it’s just taking us some time to catch up!

Here are some shots from Amy and the kids’ visit with Amy’s grandparents in California.




Ollie's Best

Ollie has a fantastic laugh. Grandma Mary Ann came to visit, and she has a way of getting it out of him.  

Aisha & Ollie

Uncle Jeff and Ollie


Noah and Grandpa B.

You can’t tell from the picture, but they’re turtle-watching.


Alyssa and Ollie



Hi Daddy


San Francisco trip

Between Christmas and New Years, we took a trip to SF for a family friend’s wedding.

Ollie was unconscious for most of the reception.

We spent New Years’ Eve strolling around the city with our friend Sabrina, whom Noah got along great with.


TMX Elmo

 Thanks Uncle Jon and Aarti.

Staying warm

Here we are huddled together for warmth during the multi-day blackout last week. (The dark blur next to Amy’s head is Noah.)

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