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Kipper the Dog

A few months ago, Ollie discovered the Voice Memos app on Amy’s iPhone. Since then he’s recorded dozens of clips, but this was the best.

Listen: Noah Sings the Kipper Song

(Compare to the actual Kipper theme song.)

Noah announces…

"OK! I did wash the fire in the toilet with wee wee!"

Beach Day

On the way to Christmas in Phoenix, we spent a few days in San Diego for a little pre-vacation, just the four of us. On the first two days we hit SeaWorld and Legoland, and on the third day we just puttered around looking for good places to take pictures.

In Coronado, we hit the jackpot. Deserted beach, photography gold.









Noah the Pirate


Here’s Noah at a pirate-themed birthday party we went to this weekend.


I took this video sometime last year but forgot to ever post it.

Ollie's first steps

Taken on September 15, 2007. Look at him go!

(In case you were wondering, the clanging sound is Noah playing the cymbals in the background.)

Jump, monkey, jump!

This is Noah’s favorite game.

Aisha & Scott's Wedding

We finally took our first trip into British Columbia, and luckily it was for a wonderful occasion–my cousin Aisha’s wedding. A lot of Cheng family members were able to make it, so it was basically a mini family reunion for us as well.

Aisha and Scott.

Apparently Noah found his train more interesting than the lifelong commitment Aisha and Scott were making to each other.


This was the closest we could get to a family photo.

Brothers. From left: Wei-Chih (9), Carl (5), Wei-Tih (4, my dad), Smiley (3, father of the bride). 


The cousins and their ladies. From left: Dagmar (1.1+), Mike (1.1), Joe (4.2), Amy (4.2+), Jon (4.1), Aarti, Adam (3.1), Natalie.

Me and Jon. (The downside of the beautiful sunny weather was massively overexposed backgrounds all day.)

Ollie and Mike.

Jon and Ollie.

Amy took this one. They line up for a picture… so she goes behind them. I love that.

My mom and Ollie.

Noah was a ridiculous dancing machine during the reception. We had to forcibly remove him, kicking and screaming, from the dance floor at 11PM.

Lisa & Damon's Wedding

In late June, Amy and I ditched the kids and flew to the Finger Lakes region of New York for Lisa and Damon’s wedding. Although we missed the kids a lot, we had a wonderful time–catching up with old and new friends, taking in the beautiful scenery, and of course, taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

Kelly Sullivan (official photog, friend of the couple, and long-time Park Streeter) captured some incredible images–she has some serious talent.

Below are some of the ones we got. Captions below.

That’s Lisa’s mom, grandmother, and grandfather in the foreground.


Lisa and Damon’s first dance.

Father-Daughter dance.

Lisa and Damon.

Wish I could remember what Karen was laughing about…

Obligatory getaway car shot.

We stayed in a wonderful bed & breakfast run by Lisa’s neighbors and longtime friends. If they had a website I would link to it. Anyway, it’s called Pleasant View Farms and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for a place to stay in the Finger Lakes area.

California trip

Yes, we’re way behind on updates! Our June/July have been action packed, thus the lack of new photos being posted. But don’t worry, we’ve been taking a ton of photos the last two months–it’s just taking us some time to catch up!

Here are some shots from Amy and the kids’ visit with Amy’s grandparents in California.




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